MASAAM visited EMC Laboratory

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MASAAM visited EMC Laboratory

Regulation UN R10 Electronic Magnetic Compatibility requires an extensive testing laboratory to fullfil those requirements stipulated to comply R10. MASAAM TC Members has visited PSDC (Penang Skills and Development Center) on 17th July 2013.

Their EMC Lab is poised to be the largest in South East Asia and has attained the certification to ISO 17025.

MASAAM TC Members are more than pleased to witness the capacity, capability and competency of PSDC in meeting the requirement of UNR10 especially category L vehicle. All the testing equipment and ancillary are fully maintained and periodically calibrated. The personnel technical knowledge is also being professionally trained vis-a-vis proficient in carrying out the testing in accordance to UNR10.

Therefore MASAAM TC Members has also recommended the testing facilities to Malaysia Approval Authority to audit the lab which could then lead to PSDC EMC Lab being the Technical Service for UNR10 EMC Accreditation. Subsequently the Approval Authority through the Road Transport Department together with MASAAM TC Member has made a preliminary visit at the laboratory on 26th September 2013. The mentioned visit has mooted thus satisfy the Approval Authority in pursuit to certify this laboratory. The plan target date to establish this accreditation is by September 2014.

MASAAM TC member lauded and gave a thumb-up for this activity which therefore will lead to the first ASEAN laboratory being the first Technical Service provider for UNR10.